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April 2016 auction Lots 51 to 100 closed and verified


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51 GWR Lamp GWR brass collared 3 aspect Handlamp with company initials stamped on the side and carrying a brass Polkey Makers plate. Complete with reservoir and unmarked burner. Good condition. £30 1539
52 GWR Lamp 4 aspect GWR brass collared 4 aspect Fogman's Handlamp stamped 'GWR Bladon Makers'. Complete with reservoir and BR(W) burner. A couple of glasses are cracked otherwise it is good. £25 2348
53 GWR Lamp 3 aspect GWR brass collared 3 aspect Handlamp with a brass plate stamped 'GWR' a brass Polkey Makers plate and a brass plate with the number 25827. Complete with reservoir and BR(W) burner. Very nice condition. £40 671
54 GWR Lamp brass collared GWR brass collared 3 aspect Handlamp stamped 'GWR Bladon Makers' Complete with reservoir and a BR(W) burner. Nice condition. £35 671
55 pair of GWR Handlamps BR(W) brass collared 3 aspect Handlamp together with an unmarked (probably GWR) lacking reservoir and burner together with a brass collared 4 aspect Fogman's Handlamp with front lens missing but bezel accompanying. £25 2348
56 GWR Signal Lamp GWR all copper Signal Lamp Interior together with a similar BR(W) example. Both in exceptional condition. £35 1314
57 private owner handlamp Large Private Owners 4 aspect Handlamp with square rotating receptacle for glasses and complete with reservoir and burner. A very nice example indeed. £30 2126
58 BR(W) Lamp BR(W) 3 aspect Handlamp complete with reservoir and a BR(W) burner. Nice condition. £25 2126
59 General Purpose Railway Lamp BR(M) square with pie-crust top General Purpose Handlamp and stamped 'CG BR(M) WOL'. Complete with reservoir and burner. £35 1314
60 Cambrian Wagon Plate GWR Oiler with brass filler cap at end nicely stamped 'GWR' and two others both bearing the makers name Kayes Leeds. Together with a Wagon Plate 'Cambrian Wagonworks' in extremely good restored condition. £25 2348
61 railway tail lamps BR(W) dual Purpose Loco Lamp/Guards Van Lamp, no interior, together with a BR(M) Tail Lamp complete with interior. £30 2126
62 railway lamps Unmarked 3 aspect Handlamp complete with reservoir and burner together with a BR(W) Acetylene Handlamp so stamped on the handle front. Both in good condition. £40 1314
63 diesel  trains Railway Poster 'New Diesel Trains - Improved Suburban Services commencing Monday 17th June 1957 between Birmingham - Wolverhampton etc., double royal with BR Western Totem at bottom. Good condition with a few creases. £50 2676
64 Butlins Letterpress Poster 'Butlins Holiday Camps Skegness & Clacton - Ask For Through Rail and Bus Tickets'. Measures 20" x 30" and is in very good overall condition, minor defects only. £30 1952
65 GPO GPO Poster 'Aberayron - Cardiganshire' by George Chapman, 29" x 36" in excellent condition. £40 2676
66 BOAC Airline Posters qty 6 to include BOAC 'Fly To Japan' (2 different); British Airways 'Boston, British Airways Germany, ''Kalahari Desert' and North West Coast of Americas' £5 2151
67 belgian poster Poster, Belgian National Railways ' By Rail & Sea To Germany via Dover and Ostend', double royal depicting a diesel hauled train passing high above a town. Printed in Belgium. Folds otherwise excellent condition. £10 2376
68 bury st edmunds Letterpress Poster 'Pageant of Magna Carta - Cheap Day Returns Bury St Edmunds 10th to 13th June and 15th to 20th June 1959, double royal. Published by BR Easter Region, printed by Houldershaw Ltd. Minor folds only. Together with another double royal poster 'Travel In Comfort - Travel At Speed - Travel Great Eastern' Published by BR Eastern Region, printed by Stafford & Co. Fold only. £35 2376
69 english lake district Poster 'The English Lakes - Head Of Windermere' by Ronald Lampitt quad royal size 40 inch x 50 inch. Wonderful panorama of the lake with steamer, distant countryside and mountains. Published by British Railways LM Region and printed by Waterlow & Sons. Some crinkling overall but still good nevertheless. £110 2676
70 hampshire coast Poster British Rail 'The Hampshire Coast and The New Forest' by Lander, double royal 40 x 25 inches. A split image of HMS Victory at the top and a tranquil farmland view with thatched cottages below .Published by British Rail Southern (AD2900/B11/4280 Code C and printed by St. Michael's Press. Very good condition, just folds. £45 891
71 isle of man Poster Isle of Man Steam Packet Co 'Isle of Man For Holidays - Travel by Train to Liverpool' photographic top half, double royal 40 x 25 inches. Depicts the Ben-My-Chree side view . Coded 1260 - 1/69 it was printed by McCorquodale. Good condition with a few minor edge tears and folds. £30 2376
72 uddingston Poster LMS letterpress 'Trains Leave Uddingston' double royal size 40" x 25", an identical pair bearing the Managers Name C.H. Newton. Shows timetable departures from Glasgow, Bellshill & Holytown, Bothwell, Motherwell, Wishaw, Lanark and Edinburgh Princes Street c1932. ERO 53330/6 J. Ballantyne Scotland. Good overall condition with a few edge tears, both have top right corner loss not affecting writing.. £5 173
73 north british railway Poster LNER North British Section Branch Lines 1939 - 1940, quad royal size 50" x 40", a pair. Shows a plethora of closed stations that had healthy services during these dark war years. Good overall condition with some edge defects. £40 2376
74 westie dog Advertising Poster 1960's 'Of Course He's Happy - Lowes Mixbars Carta Carna Allmeat Bar Wholemealk' A colourful poster, 19" x 29" depicting a central image of a Westie Dog surrounded by these delicious looking foods. Excellent condition. £80 1952
75 liverpool docks Posters, a pair by the Travel Association 26" x 30" 'Liverpool South Docks' depicting a couple of ships including the Okoja Palm Liverpool; 'Salisbury Cathedral' (sepia). Both in reasonable condition with some staining.. £5 1181
76 GPO Posters a set of 3 each 29" x 36" ' Post Office at the Airport'; 'Post Office In Town'; Post Office at the Docks'. £15 2676
77 gpo postes GPO Posters qty 4: 'Aberdeen or Aberdare - Help the Travelling Post Office Sorter' by AR Thompson; 'Where does this one Go to' by Ruskin Spear R.A; Write Your Address Clearly' by James Fitton R.A. All 10" x 15" and in very good condition; 'Market Place Norwich' by Noel Spencer, 10" x 15" in very good condition; 'Where Does This One Go' by Ruskin Spear, excellent condition; 'Help The Sorter' by James Fitton, excellent. £25 2676
78 Class 40 Diesel Poster 'Let Us Help You Arrange Your Holiday Travel' by Wolstenholme, D/R size. Semi-pictorial depicting Class 40 number D209 beneath a bridge carrying a class 76 EM2 loco with a diesel shunter behind the Signalbox. Published by the British Transport Commission, printed by Waterlow & Sons. Good condition, some left edge crinkling and corner pinholes. £40 2376
79 French Line poster Shipping Poster 'French Line - Come Back - St Nazaire 11 Mai 1960 / 11 December 1974' by Ciganez double royal. Mint condition £80 1691
80 midland pullman Railway Poster 'Express Success - Midland Pullman Britain's Most Exciting Train' double royal. Shows a superb b/w image of the Train and text beneath shows 'Manchester and London, London - Leicester - Loughborough and Nottingham with timings at very bottom. Published by British Railways London Midland and printed by Sanders Phillips & Co. Extremely good condition. £80 2676
81 express diesel service Railway Poster 'New Express Diesel Services Between Birmingham - Swansea - Cardiff - commencing Monday 17th June 1957' semi pictorial double royal. Depicts a green DMU at the top, British Railways and Totem below. In extremely good condition with minor edge folds and crinkling. £60 891
82 GWR Season Ticket GWR letterpress Poster 'Why Not Take A Season Ticket' with blank spaced for sample rates from this station and with James Milne General Managed beneath. Double royal in extremely good condition with folds. Printed by Wyman & Sons. £40 1539
83 A3 COLORADO LNER Poster Map of the System with winking eye logo an a colour image of Gresley A3 N0 94 COLORADO. Fold with some other imperfections but overall good. £40 1539
84 Rhymney Railway Railway Poster 'Rhymney Railway Explosives Act 1875 Byelaws', double royal. Mostly text but has a red seal at the bottom and is actually signed in ink by the Company Secretary and hand dated 24th July 1903. Reasonable condition for age. £16 1539
85 H. Samuel Wartime Poster H. Samuel For Good Watches & Fine Jewellery' double royal. Depicting a sepia image of a smiling soldier looking at his wristwatch. Folds and some edge tears. £5 1181
86 GWR JIgsaw GWR Jigsaw Poster 'Harvard House' by Michael Reilly, 22¾" x 18". One edge rip bottom right otherwise extremely good.    
87 Sealink Poster, Sealink 'The Best Routes Are Looking Better All The Time - To The Continent - Ireland - Isle of Man - Channel Islands - Isle of Wight', double royal depicting a very art-deco image of ship. Folds and a few minor defects otherwise extremely vibrant and very good condition. £5 2376
88 solway coast Reproduction Poster British Railways 'The Solway Coast' by Charles Oppenheimer from an original quad royal size 40 x 50 inches which has been reduced to a manageable half size and mounted in a modern, glazed frame. £20 1738
89 silver jubilee Original Poster Factory & Workshop Act 1901, Locomotives etc Regulations framed and glazed, 23" x 32" approx together with a framed and glazed reproduction poster of The Silver Jubilee', 21" x 32". £15 1738
90 karate kid Original Film Poster for 'The Karate Kid' starring Ralph Machio and Pat Morita mounted in a thin, modern unglazed frame, 31" x 40½" approx. Good condition.. £8 173
91 morris minor Motoring Advertising Poster 'Morris Minor Family Saloon - £145' double royal. Published by Morris Oxford Press Ltd Cowley Oxford and printed in Great Britain. Some defects, could even be a reproduction. £15 263
92 shoe maker Advertising Poster 'James Baker & Sons Boot & Shoe Manufacturers 3 Westgate Street Gloucester' Depicts an image of Nell Gwynne by Sir Edwin Landseer. Good overall condition with baton top and bottom. Approx double royal size.    
93 mineral waters Calendar Poster for 'Talbot & Co Prize Mineral Waters Gloucester & Monmouth' dated 1899 and depicting a sepia type image 'Sleepy Hollow' with a couple of horses drinking at a ford. Printed by James Walker, Dublin. Some tears and defects but overall very good for age. £10 1678
94 LNER paperweights LNER Locomotive Paperweights as produced by the company, qty 3 comprising: High Pressure |Locomotive 10000; Locomotive of the Silver Jubilee A4 No 250; Flying Scotsman. The first two have the LNER 'winking eye' logo either end, the latter just one end and the words 'Corridor Tender' the other. All in used condition. £50 1181
95 BR Cap Badges British Railways(M) enamel Totem Cap Badges, qty 5, three Gaunt and two Pinches. Also a GWR brass 'tear-drop' Paycheck number 286 £60 2138
96 Timetables Qty 7 Working Timetables from the 1960's/70's together with a ragged GWR Time Tables May 1947; a British Railways Train Register for Arley & Fillongley from Dec 1965 until May 1966. A Cheshire Lines Train Signalling booklet dated June 1935 Together with a few other publications, some a little ragged. £120 856
97 loco books Five loco books comprising: Locomotives of the Great Western Railway part ten 'Absorbed Engines'; L&NWR Eight Coupled Goods Engines; Loco of the South Eastern Railway; LBSCR Locomotives by Burtt; SECR Locomotives by Burtt. Together with a reasonable copy of the LMS Centenary of the Opening of the Fist Main Line Railway Dec 16th 1938. £10 1181
98 wagon plates GWR star Wagon Plate 61346A JUL 1939; BR Earlstown Lot No 30564 1960 oval Wagon Plate; BR(M) 1968 rectangular Wagon Plate; BR 'D' type Ashford; BR Bridgeplate (L&NWR style) No 161; GWR small Water Mains Cover. £30 671
99 Signalbox repeaters BR Bakelite Repeaters, qty 3, one distant with disc 25 (bottom knurled screw missing), one home with disc 2 (bottom knurled screw missing) one home with blank disc, both screws present. £70 2554
100 railway gate notice GW & LNWR Joint Railway cast iron Gate Notice, ex Shrewsbury area. £60 2727