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Autumn 2016 auction Lots 401 - 450 closed and verified


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401 Platform Tickets, qty 6 London & North Eastern Railway comprising: Wickham Market, Sheffield Victoria, Kings Cross, Derby Friargate, Crews Hill, Cambridge. All in good condition.. £12
402 Platform Tickets, qty19 comprising qty 10 Great Western Railway: Bordesley, Bristol T.M. (slight crease), Chard, Paddington, Stourbridge Town, Taunton, Torquay, Torre, Treorchy, Windsor & Eton. With qty 9 LMS: Colwyn Bay, St Pancras, Moses Gate, Hamilton, Euston No 8, Derby, Buxton, South Hampstead, Hollingwood. All in good condition except where shown. £12
403 Platform Tickets, qty 16 Southern Railway comprising: Grove Ferry (closed); Grange Road (closed); Sidley (closed); Bordon (closed); Battle, Belmont, Brighton, Brockley, Comshall & Shere, Frant, Isfield, Itchen Abbas, Lyndhurst Road, Ropley, Southbourne Halt, Winchester No1. All in good condition. £55
404 Platform Tickets, a wonderful collection of 600 British Railways, almost all of which are red diamond type Edmondson card. Also 60 red diamond paper examples; 24 ordinary paper Platforms; 23 LT card; 12 larger British Rail a few Aptis and a few other tickets. All are illustrated. £120
405 Platform Tickets, a wonderful collection of 820 British Railways & British Rail, almost all of which are green diamond type Edmondson card. All are illustrated. £60
406 Original Poster, British Railways 'The Peak District of Derbyshire' by Reitz, double royal size. Map style with small places of interest images. Published by British Railways London Midland Region, printed by McCorquodale. Extremely good condition with folds and minor corner pin-holes. £60
407 Original British Railways 'stock poster' with outer drawings of locomotives by Wolstenholm, double royal size. The top has an image of a DMU, the bottom an image of early diesel 10000 and 6 smaller images around the periphery. Published by the British Transport Commission and printed by the Baynard Press. Good condition with minor edge defects. £10
408 Original Poster 'The Manx Electric Railway for Snaefell and Ramsey' by anon. Printed by Richard Johnson & Sons Ltd Manchester. Measures 24½" x 19½" and is in excellent condition. £20
409 Pullman small epns Teapot bearing the makers name Walker & Hall' beneath. Elongated Pullman crest on one side. Hinged lid, all in fine condition with minor defects only. £15
410 London & North Western North Eastern Division Appendix To Working Book dated July 1881 ufn. Good sound copy with grubby covers. Printed by McCorquodale, Cardington St., London. Fascinating reading. £50
411 London Transport fleetnumber Bonnet Plate RT2386. Ex AEC introduced October 1949. Sent for scrap April 1970 to Pickersgill & Laverick (Cudworth). Gold lettering with black shadow on a red ground, raised outer lip, in all measuring 20" x 5½" approx. Ex bus condition £45
412 London Transport fleetnumber Bonnet Plate RTW259. Ex wide Leyland introduced March 1950. Sent for scrap August 1970 to Pickersgill & Laverick (Cudworth).Gold lettering with black shadow on a red ground, raised outer lip, in all measuring 20" x 5½" approx. Ex bus condition £130
413 London Transport fleetnumber Bonnet Plate RTL425. Ex Leyland Titan with Park Royal chassis, introduced November 1949 for use in the capital. Sent for scrap July 1970 to Pickersgill & Laverick (Cudworth). Gold lettering with black shadow on a red ground, raised outer lip, in all measuring 20" x 5½" approx. Ex bus condition £55
414 Original Worksplate Yorkshire Engine Co Limited Meadow-Hall Works, Sheffield No 2571 dated 1954. Unrestored. £180
415 Worksplate 'The Hunslet Engine Co Leeds No 779 dated 1902. Ex Dinorwic Slate Quarry 0-4-0ST named HOLY WAR. Buckinghamshire Railway Centre in March 1970 where it was the Quainton Railway Society's only narrow gauge locomotive. After being used in Buckinghamshire it was purchased by Rev Alan Cliff and returned to Wales in 1975, going to the Bala Lake Railway. Restoration of Holy War was completed in 1978 and the locomotive entered traffic on Good Friday 1979. It was out of service for boiler repairs in 1985-87. Unrestored. Note: There were a number of reproductions made of this plate and there is a possibility that this is a very good one. £35
416 Reproduction enamel BR(W) Totem SOUTH MOLTON, fully flanged. Clearly stamped TRACKSIDE inside bottom flange. The originals were fitted to the station which was the ex GWR route between Taunton and Barnstaple, long gone. At least one original is known to exist but none have ever been at auction. Mint condition. Res Not Met
417 Timetables, qty 8 to include:- BR Southern large format Timetables, qty  5 comprising:June - Sept 1959; Jun - Sept 1961; Sept - Jun 1961; Jun - Sept 1964; Sept - Jun 1965; Qty 2 BR Southern South Western Division comprising Jun 1965 - Sep 1966; Apr 1966 - Jun 1967; BR Principal Passenger Services in GB Jun - Sep 1962. All in varying condition but all sound. Also a small BR(W) Alterations to Passenger Services 18th June 1962 and a rough, coverless copy of BR Holiday Guide. £30
418 Button, Somerset Joint Committee (Somerset & Dorset Railway) pre-grouping 23mm nickel, manufactured by Firmin & Sons London. Frogatt P.78 plate 5. Excellent condition. Together with a S&D Jt C'tee whole Edmondson Ticket Monthly Return Shillingstone to Bournemouth West and also a Somerset & Dorset Joint Line Luggage Label 'to York via Bath'. £50
419 Qty 6 cast iron 'D' Type Wagon Plates comprising: B905076 15T Swindon 1954 Lot No 2591 ex Lomak; B333803 24½T Shildon 1959 Lot No 3221 ex Coal Hopper; DB992949 24T Met-Cammell 1956 Lot No 2820 ex Ballast Hopper; B755319 Wolverton 1951 Lot No 2181 ex Ventilated Van; B760189 Wolverton 1953 Lot No 2319 ex Ventilated Van; B775270 Wolverton 1958 Lot No 2991 ex Ventilated Van. All face restored. £65
420 Double sided 8 segment wooden Ticket Rack housing a quantity of W. Morpus, Rossington colour paper tickets ranging from 1d to 4½d. The company owned by William Morpus operated as Rossie Motors in and around Doncaster for over 50 years. Sold out to Beehive Services of Adwick-le-Street in 1975. These tickets are believed to date from the 1940's/1950's. Together with a Button, Eastern Counties Omnibus, 24mm nickel manufactured by Chamberlins Ltd Norwich. Used on bus crew uniforms from 1930 onwards. Excellent condition. £30
421 Western National Omnibus Co enamel 25 Year Service Badge with 35 Year Service Clasp. Together with x3 National uniform Buttons; a pair of Southern National and a pair of Western National script Badges and a 75th Anniversary of Western National Omnibuses enamel Badge. £25
422 British Railways Timetables, qty 3 comprising: London Euston/St Pancras/Marylebone/Broad Street , The Midlands, North Wales and The North 11th Sept to 17th June 1962; Eastern Region Passenger Services 17th Jun to 8th Sept 1963; Passenger Services London Paddington , Bristol & West of England, South & North Wales, Birmingham Gloucester Worcester West Midlands, 11th Sept 1961 to 17th Jun 1962. All three are in excellent condition. £15
423 British Railways Handbills, qty 5 to include Bath Races 1953; Worcester Races 1951; a pair of Organised Rambles one being Lancaster & Morecambe, the other Thorpe Cloud & Ashbourne; Diesel Train "Tissington Well Dressing" Parsley Hay, Hartington, Tissington, Thorpe Cloud and Ashbourne (slightly trimmed at top to remove tear-off marks. All extremely good except where noted. Also an interesting triple fold GWR card pamphlet advertising the Great Western Railway Cathedrals Series of booklets, excellent condition. £5
424 Tickets, a small collection of approx 55 1960's/70's halves, a small number of wholes including some Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway and a small amount of paper BR Platforms. Together with an LT Tram Ticket route 33 & 35 and a Becks style London Transport Diagram of Lines January 1953 in very good condition.  
425 Miscellany mix of BR plastic Whistle; a pair of Lion holding Wheel Cap Badges, one gilt one nickel; a gilt double arrow badge and a smaller similar; a 150th anniversary of the GWR medal depicting City of Truro; a Gomm (reproduction) GWR Capbadge with loco in centre; a Garnier produced mini totem SWINDON; a BR Fire Service Capbadge.. £15
426 Assorted Luggage Labels, qty 17 to include Severn & Wye Joint, Bristol & Exeter Railway, Caledonian, GNSR and GWR. £7
427 A pair of Acme Thunderer Whistles. One clearly stamped LMS on the side, the other clearly stamped BR(M) on the side. Both in working order. £30
428 Thunderer Patent Whistle stamped on one side GWR and on the other PW DEPt 19042. In full working order and with what appears to be an original chain and clasp. £20
429 Acme Thuderer Whistle clearly stamped GWR Signal Dept on one side. In working order and includes a small chain. £20

Acme Thunderer Whistle clearly stamped BMMO on one side. The Birmingham & Midland Motor Omnibus, commonly known as Midland Red was, in 1930, 50% acquired by the Great Western Railway and the London Midland & Scottish Railway. In working order and comes with a small chain

431 A collection of 5 interesting Whistles comprising: an unmarked Acme Thunderer; an early brass organ pipe marked S. Auld Maker Glasgow; a Military 'Metropolitan' style; J Hudson Acme Button style with makers button style emblem each side and a small, high pitched whistle, unmarked but in working order as are the others. £20
432 Brass Cart Hubcap 'Ogle & Son Ripley Derby' together with a trio of steel Carriage Keys, all unmarked, a GWR Loco & Carr Paycheck; a GWR WWII Service Badge; a GWR and a LNER brass Buttons and a couple of Gomm reproduction Capbadges, LMS and SECR. £20
433 Enamel Advertising Signs, a pair of curved (to fit telegraph poles) comprising: Border Flooring Company - Specialists In All Types Of Flooring - Saltney Tel Chester 28011; Linoleum Sales Ltd 5 Bridge Street Opposite Bridge Street Post Office Tel 2645. Each measures approx 10" x 8". Some chipping, these are considered quite scarce. £160
434 LMS Hotels epns Cocktail Shaker base stamped on base '59' within a diamond shape. Stands 5¼" tall with a top diameter of 3¾". LMS Hotels block logo on side. Well used but an interesting item nevertheless. £10
435 Unusual Belgian Railway Lamp bearing the makers name 'Orlians & Co 1948 Mechelen, Belgie'. All brass construction and quite heavy, it is a carbide lamp. Stamped on base 'INBT 338' which could be a location. £25
436 Large brass Motoring Oiler with a red seal type makers name on side, now faded to read. Pressure pump on top side with central top lever release applicator. Looks to be in working order. Would polish up wonderfully. £6
437 L&NWR Signal Alignment Gauge house in a flip-lid tin case stamped L&NWR although barely discernable. The Gauge clips onto the signal arm and the central arm freely swings to indicate 'Wrong' or 'On'. Also has a separate mark designated 'For Miniature Signal'. Appears to be in normal working order. £35
438 Great Northern Railway cast iron Paperweight, oval shaped approx 3¾" on length. Bears the initials 'GNR' on top, strong traces of original red paint. £50
439 Enamel Sign 'London Bridge - Canon Street, Waterloo, Charing Cross' Company unknown, possibly LSWR or LBSCR. Black lettering on white ground measuring 18" x 12½".Four London Termini on one early sign. In need of restoration. £50
440 North Eastern Railway General Purpose Handlamp complete with unmarked reservoir and burner. The lamp carries the oval brass NER plate on rear and the cone is faintly stamped NER. Good original condition. £40
441 Locomotive Gauge Protector, brass construction with x3 toughened glass windows and a rear, flip-open panel. Measures 8" x 3½",original condition. Origin unknown. £5
442 Leather Purse with a silvered shield attached to front which is inscribed " Presented to Mr Bishop Kennett By the Inhabitants of Hastings & District in recognition of his 25 Years Service as Station Master at Hastings. This Purse with 162 Sovereigns together with a list containing The Names Of The Subscribers 27th July 1877". Quite wonderful but sadly no list inside. Even more sadly, not a single sovereign either! £90
443 Small cigarette case bearing the monogram initials LCM on front and inscribed inside with " London Midland & Scottish Railway Company Block Signalling Classes Presented to Leslie C Mercer Winner of First Prize Signalman's Class Session 1925 - 26. Hallmarked with anchor and lion and makers initials JCL. Dented but very nice nevertheless. £8
444 L&SWR diamond tipped Glass Cutter manufactured by Sharratt & Newth, London. A delightful item, clearly stamped with company initial on the brass neck. The wooden handle is fine quality and the overall length is just short of 7½". Probably still works. £10
445 Midland Railway General Purpose Handlamp with LMS reservoir. Carries the oval brass Midland Railway plate on the curved top. Both side glasses are cracked but a nice lamp all the same. £40
446 Midland Railway metal Home Signal Arm complete with Spectacle but lacking glasses £190
447 Midland Railway double royal size Letterpress Poster for Epsom Races - International Exhibition. Trains from Bradford and all stations to Chesterfield and then London St. Pancras, Monday June 1st 1874. Extremeley good condition for age, mounted behind perspex. £20
448 Wagon Plate The Birmingham Railway Carriage & Wagon Company Ltd Builders Smethwick England 1927. Face only restored. £25
449 Hornby Railways R778 boxed Flying Scotsman with loco, x3 coaches, oval track, controller and a few sundry pices as shown. Only ever used a couple of times so virtually mint £35
450 Hornby Railways R540 boxed Eight Freight with loco, x6 wagons, oval track with siding and various other ancilliaries. Unsure as to total completeness, certainly there is no free sound effect casette tape. Unnsure as to whether run or not but looks as though it may not have been or possibly a small number of times. £30