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151 LMS 3 aspect slatted glass Handlamp brass plated 'LMS 60980 and clearly embossed beneath the plate with company initials. Painted by hand on side '116 - 18D' so would have belonged to an employee at Barrow Hill, Staveley. Complete with original reservoir and very nicely with an original LMS stamped early burner. A real gem for sure. £50 2847
152 Lamp miscellany totalling qty 5 Lamps comprising: x2 LNER so embossed on top Signal Lamp interiors complete with burners; GWR copper reservoir Signal Lamp interior with GWR marked brass filler cap; small, unmarked Inspectors Handlamp, single aspect with belt clip and original reservoir and burner; Chalwyn Storm Lamp, not railway but a very nice example. £60 1314
153 Three German Railways DB Signalling Handlamps comprising: ' J. Kempschulter & Co Osnabruck' on the curved chimney; similar with 'Heinrich Gillet Edenkoben 1957 on the curved chimney; similar but no makers name. All have the DB flying wheel logo on rear and all are complete with carbide reservoir and burner. Two opening side panels reveal a red glass in each, front glass being clear. £35 1738
154 A pair of GWR, so stamped, brass collared Handlamps comprising: 3 aspect complete with reservoir and burner marked BR/WR and stamped with makers name Bladon 1938; 4 aspect Fogman's with reservoir and unmarked burner. £65 2847
155 WD 3 aspect Handlamp with reservoir and burner, together with a Signal Lamp interior, also with original reservoir and burner. £30 2847
156 Mahogany cased Signalbox Block Bell in need of some tlc. Church Bell style. £95 1645
157 A pair of wood cased Signal Box Telephones with separate bakelite earpieces and trumpet style mouthpieces. Both appear to be in very good condition. £70 554
158 Signal Box Telephones, qty 5 in varying states of repair, some are good, some suitable for spares. £65 2851
159 Railway Crockery miscellany comprising: LNER Teapot with chipped & cracked lid; LNER Egg Cup with crack & chips; Great Northern Railway brown earthenware Teapot with expertly repaired spout; LMS brown earthenware Teapot with small chip to spout tip. £5 1314
160 Early original oil painting of what looks like a GCR loco painted by Paul Britcher in 1913. Measures 16" x 13" in an old frame. £25 2067
161 Original oil painting of a GWR Castle Class Locomotive by Edward Clarke dated 1981. Measures 33" x 21" in frame. £20 2067
162 Original oil painting of Pannier Tank 1650 and an Ivatt Mogul by I. Wilson dated 1959. Measures 37" x 25" in frame. £20 2067
163 Original oil painting of a Castle Class 5070 SIR DANIEL GOOCH in Sonning Cutting by D. Hey dated 1978. Measures 25" x 19" in frame. £65 195
164 Miscellany of Railway Books, small framed photographs etc. £20 224
165 Reproduction LNER cast iron 40 shilling Gate Notice, approx 36" in length. £15 2390
166 Original LNER wood framed Mirror with block script company initials at bottom. Measures 18" x 22" and is in excellent condition. £30 2126
167 Original wood framed Carriage Mirrors, qty 4 to include x2 LMS, x1 BR(M) and x1 unmarked. All in original frames, each measuring 16.5" x 9.5". Scarce to find such good examples, just in need of a good clean. £55 1738
168 Weed Killer Train Code Ringing Notice "1 Ring Stop; 2 Rings Start; 3 Rings Distant Signal Caution; 4 Rings Prepare To Spray; 5 Rings Spraying Finished; 6 Rings Too Fast. White on black sign written measuring 12" x 11". £40 788
169 Original Signal Box Gradient Card ALLER JUNCTION to KINGSWEAR, 26" x 9" also showing the Brixham Branch. Thick card, good ex box condition. £40 2050
170 GWR Publicity Brochure 'Holidays that are different - A run along the Cambrian Coast', March 1930. Multi page with illustrations. Good condition except for slightly rusting staples. A scarce one for sure. £25 1925
171 GWR Publicity Brochure 'Angleterre - Le pays de Shakespeare et louest' dated 1932. Produced for the French market and bears a Southern Railway Paris stamp on front. Multi page with illustrations. Good condition except some slight staple marks. Scarce. £25 1925
172 GWR Publicity Brochure ' Summer in Smiling Somerset' dated 1931. Produced for the American market. Multi page with illustrations. Good condition except some slight staple marks and some minor foxing. Scarce. £30 1925
173 GWR Publicity Brochure 'Land Cruises Personally Conducted Through Western England And Wales' dated 1937. Produced for the American & Canadian market Multi page with illustrations. Good condition with very minor imperfections. Scarce. £10 2126
174 GWR Publicity Brochure 'The Malverns' dated 1931. 4 page with illustrations. Good condition except for 1" tear top inside page. A very scarce one for sure. £65 1925
175 GWR Publicity Brochure 'The Lleyn Peninsular - A Countryside of unspoilt charm', June 1931. 4 page fold-out with illustrations. Excellent condition, a scarce one for sure. £30 1925
176 Michelin Railcar ephemera, x2 unused postcards, photographs, press cuttings, timetable of Ascot trial, official letter etc. - a small collection. A number of items relating to the fascinating rubber tyred French Railcar that was trialled in the UK in 1932. First trial between Euston and Leighton Buzzard, later to Ascot. Very interesting reading. £25 225
177 GWR linen Plan of Trays For Oil Cooling Tanks, Oct 1925. Retains wooden baton roller, well stamped with GWR Swindon official stamps. £  
178 GWR 'reverse' wax Map of Strata Florida Station, Ystrad Meurig Parish, County of Cardigan, Manchester & Milford Railway. Together with a similar showing area of land in Winscombe Parish, County of Somerset, Wells Branch, B&E Railway. Both undated. £  
179 Rhymney Railway Map of Llanishen footpath diversion dated 1910 together with a GWR wax Map of Brecon & Merthyr Rly showing new Tredegar Station dated 1929. £10 1116
180 Original London Underground semi-pictorial Poster 'Full Steam Ahead in 1993' depicting a period scene of steam and electric on the Met by GPM Green on the one side and text relating to timetables from Watford & Amersham on the other. £  
181 Original London Underground Letterpress Poster 'A Steamy Weekend on the District' detailing special steam train to celebrate the 125th Anniversary in 1993. £5 1314
182 Original Network South East semi-pictorial Poster 'Windsor & Eton Gala Day 10th Dec 1989, depicting 44932 in the foreground of Windsor Castle. £  
183 Original London Underground pictorial Poster 'Steam on the Met' depicting 62005 at a station and detailing the special steam trains running May 1999. £  
184 Original London Underground Poster 'Celebrating 100 Years of the District Line to Wimbledon'; 1989. £  
185 Original London Underground Poster 'District Line Celluloid & Sidings' £  
186 Original London Underground Poster 'Full Steam Ahead'. Advertising special trains from Harrow-on-the-Hill to Amersham £  
187 LMS double ended Egg Cup with no visible defects with the exception of very slight nibbles to the lip, barely noticeable. £15 1449
188 M&GN Official Booklet 'Norfolk Resorts served by the M&GN JT Railway'. Twenty four pages profusely illustrated with map in centre. Good overall condition. £20 1116
189 Great Western Railway Centenary 1835 - 1935 official Parchment Folder with separate 6 page List of Guests to the Banquet at Grosvenor House, Park Lane, London on the 30th October 1935. An extremely rare survivor in this form. Comes with an good example of The Times issued for the Centenary. £  
190 The Official Guide To The South Eastern & Chatham Railway. Thirteenth Edition dated 1914, this gem of a book with the wonderful full page adverts front and back, especially but not confined to, shipping companies, maps etc. It is in extremely good condition with just a few small page/map tears here and there and a little minor foxing. £20 1116
191 Southern Railway 'A History Of The Southern Railway' by C.F. Dendy Marshall dated MCMXXXVI (1936). A stunning book with only minor spine defects and minor front & back cover marks. Comes with an official photograph of Sir Herbert Walker, stamped on rear 'British Railways Southern Region 19 Oct 49 which was one month after his death. He was General Manager of the Southern Railway who ignored steam development instead pushing for the electrification of the system. £  
192 Midland Railway Report & Accounts half year ending June 30th 1912. Good condition with very minor foxing. £  
193 W.G. Bagnall Photographic Cards with various specifications of the loco on the rear. All in very good condition. A nice history of some of the locos this Stafford based Builder produced. £30 1654
194 LNER Playing Cards from the Waddington's Beautiful Britain Series 'Bamburgh Castle'. Full set including joker. Box missing both end flaps. £  
195 LNER Playing Cards from the Waddington's Beautiful Britain Series 'Whitby'. Complete with joker and blank card. Box intact although a little grubby. £  
196 LNER Playing Cards from the Waddington's Beautiful Britain Series 'Calton Hill Edinburgh'. Complete with joker and blank card. Box missing one end flap. £  
197 LNER Playing Cards from the Waddington's Beautiful Britain Series 'Fountains Abbey (Yorks)'. Complete but no joker. Box in good condition. £  
198 John Waddington Beautiful Britain Playing Cards qty 2 'On the Yorkshire Coast' complete but no joker. Box has one end flap missing. Also 'Fountains Abbey' complete with joker and blank card. Box is complete. £  
199 Royal Mail Steam Packet Company Playing Cards complete but no joker. Contained within a leather wallet inscribed in gold with the company badge. Together with another shipping company pack complete with joker but no company marks. Complete with slip-case which is in very good condition. £5 1738
200 Cunard Line Shipping Luggage Labels qty 4 different, one of which is a circular Cunard White Star Line. All unused and in excellent condition. £30





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