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1 GWR Books GWR/BR(W) Miscellany to include 5 copies of Swindon Works 1950, 4 of which are complete with rear maps; Locomotives of the Great Western Railway published by the GWR, a little ragged but complete; The GWR Engine Book 1932 in good condition plus a similar without covers; a pair of GWR Engines 1938 both in extremely good condition; GWR Look Out! In reasonable condition with some staining to pages; 3 125th Anniversary Swindon Works both reasonable; a pair of British Rail booklets Swindon Works; RCTS Locomotive Stock Books, qty 3 being 1946, 1947 Appendix and 1948. Also December 1936 Stock Book of Main Line Companies with list of Named Locomotives; 2 different GWR Two Cylinder Loco Books by E.J. Nutty; Locos of the Great Western Railway part eleven 'Rail Motor Vehicles and Internal Combustion Locomotives'. £40 224
2 railway postcards Original, early Postcards showing station views, qty 11 comprising: Crewkerne; Market Lavington; Penzance; Ottery St Mary; Wellington; Tetbury; Westbury; St Blazey; Callington; Arlesford; Weymouth (faded). Four postally used, all appear 1920's. £80 1116
3 railway playing cards Metropolitan Vickers official Playing Cards issued with the compliments of the company. A full set including 2 Jokers in original box. In very good condition. £N/S  
4 railway posters Limited Edition Print of 'Hounslow Heath 1919' by Terence Cuneo. Measures 31" x 29" approx in glazed frame. Numbered 34/250 and signed by Cuneo and A. Campbell. Together with a reproduction London Underground Poster 'Flying At Hendon' by Tony Sarg 1912. Framed and glazed, 20" x 32" approx, small crack bottom right. £15 1738
5 dinky Dinky Supertoy No 943 Leyland Octopus Tanker Esso. MIB albeit a 2014 re-make by Mattel. Also a Dinky Supertoy No 920 Guy Van Heinz. Unopened MIB complete with Certificate of Authenticity. A 2015 re-make by Mattel and finally, a similar but without the certificate. £18 2348
6 Meccano Box of used miscellaneous Meccano pieces and also qty 8 Meccano Catalogue Brochures in varying condition comprising: Toys of Quality 1952; The World's Greatest Toy 1972; Gears Outfit 'A'; No 1 Outfit; No 3 Outfit; No 3a Accessory Outfit; No 5 Outfit; No 6 Outfit; £10 2348
7 GWR Jigsaw GWR boxed wooden Jigsaw 'The Vikings Landing At St Ives', approx 400 pieces. Made up to photograph and show completeness. Weathered box. £N/S  
8 GWR Jigsaw GWR boxed wooden Jigsaw 'Royal Route To The West', approx 150 pieces. Made up to photograph and show completeness. Dismantled and carefully returned to box. Weathered box. £15 2126
9 GWR Jigsaw GWR boxed wooden Jigsaw 'Cornish Riviera Express' made up to photograph and show completeness. Dismantled and carefully returned to box. Weathered box. Together with GWR boxed wooden Jigsaw 'The Cheltenham Flyer'….several pieces missing. Also a Victory Jigsaw of 'The Coronation Scot'. £12 2138
10 railway plate Large traffolite Telephone Plate ex Kings Lynn. Has 4 rings listed:- 1 To Or From Down Siding; 2 To Back of Platform; 3 Crossover; 4 Mill. Measures 6" x 4, small crack at bottom does not detract. £20 2764
11 British Rail Class 92 Brush Class 92 plastic Engine Plate 92015 No1 End, 13" x 9¼" along with the associated alloy Makers Plate "Brush Traction Hawker £140 891
12 vauxhall victor Vauxhall Victor Poster and a similar Vauxhall Cresta 17 x 11 approx. Together with a 1979 Unipart Glamour Calendar and a 1989 Glamour Calendar from Exeter Sundry Supplies. £10 2128
13 manchester united Sporting memorabilia, a pair of vintage leather lace-up Rugby Balls, one marked 'Match' the other 'Varsity'. Both in used condition and requiring air. A 1985 Manchester United Official Club Calendar and qty 5 Plymouth Argyle Match Programs from 1967. £15 2128
14 pulp fiction Film memorabilia - 3D Poster of the film 'Pulp Fiction' measuring 26 x 18 approx and a signed limited edition of 'Starfleet Enemies' by Trevor Horsell number 12/850 measuring approx 21 x 17. £20 2128
15 falklands beer Three bottles of unopened Whitbread 'Cheltenham Flyer Ale' brewed to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Great Western Railway. Best before November 1985 so not recommended for consumption! Also a boxed presentation pair of Everards Penguin Ale from the Great Britain Hotel Mount Pleasant, Falkland Islands. Finally, two bottles of unopened Bulmers Cider from the same era. £10 2128
16 GWR Certificates GWR Permanent Way Certificates (2 different) awarded to Arthur Roberts at Truro Station together with his GWR St Johns Ambulance Certificate. Also a later BR Certificate to the same person naming him as the Ganger at Roche Station for the High Standard of Permanent Way Maintenance. Finally, a couple of certificates to Philip Stevens including a colourful ASLEF example £10 1612
17 railway driver hat British Railways Drivers Hat size S7 together with a quantity of booklets including Operating Manual for Sulzers D11 - D137; D1500 - D1519; Class 50 Fault Finding; Multiple Unit Diesel Trains; Multiple Unit Diesel Pullman Trains; Also Instructions For Water Troughs; Old Oak Common Diesel Depot Open Day Souvenir Program Saturday 15th July 1967 and a variety of other booklets etc. £15 2466
18 BR Thermometer British Railways Thermometer made by Russell Ltd housed in a sliding-top wooden box. Clearly stamped 'BR', in working condition. £15 2126
19 fire service buttons Small Button collection comprising: qty 19 Dorset Constabulary; qty 50 Bournemouth Police and 47 unidentified others. £10 1314
20 German Kropp Brewerania and Smoking collection comprising: 23 packs of Playing Cards, most unopened; Whisky and Beer Dominoes Sets; Poker Dice; Wallet; Badges; Guinness Tie; Guinness TV Football Pundits (John Motson, Jimmy Hill & John Barnes) etc. Also, an early Wilkinson Sword boxed Dry Razor and a box of 7 German Kropp cut-throat Razors. Finally x6 vinyl 45rpm Records as illustrated. £100 1314
21 railway lamps Pair of white Tail Lamps comprising a BR(M) complete with internal reservoir and burner and a British Railways double arrow logo lacking interior. Both with red bullseye lens and in good, unrestored condition. £45 1920
22 railway lamps Pair of black double bullseye Van Lamps comprising BR(W) complete with reservoir and burner and an unmarked example lacking interior. Both unrestored requiring a clean. £50 1920
23 railway lamps Pair of double bullseye Van Lamps comprising a white BR(E) complete with reservoir and burner and a black BR complete with reservoir and burner. Both unrestored requiring a clean. £65 1920
24 railway lamps Pair of white Locomotive Headlamps with clear bullseye lenses, neither appear marked with any company initials. Both are complete with reservoirs and burners, one having the pull-out red lens still in situ. Both unrestored. £110 1920
25 railway lamps Pair of black Locomotive Headlamps with clear bullseye lenses, one marked BR(M) on the chimney and has one slide-out red lens in situ. Both are complete with reservoirs and burners. Both unrestored. £110 1920
26 SNCF lamp Largish 18" tall SNCF Railway Lamp complete with reservoir and burner. Large plate, probably brass, showing 'SNCF No [2]4566. Totally original, would look superb restored. £80 2128
27 american railroad lamps Pair of American Railroad Adlake Lamps, one with a clear globe, the other a red globe. Well embossed with company details on top of chimneys. Both complete with burners. £45 2126
28 railway lamp A 3 aspect Handlamp with pie-crust top and front finger mechanism for changing aspect. Clear, bullseye front lens. No markings but quite possibly South African Railways. Complete with reservoir and burner. Unrestored. £35 2126
29 railway lamp Interesting Gauge Glass Lamp, quite possibly of Southern constituent pedigree. Small pie-crust top, two side glasses and a fixing bracket. Complete with reservoir and burner. Interesting to say the least and totally unrestored. £20 2851
30 railway lamp LNER Loco Handlamp, 2 aspect well embossed on side. Complete with reservoir and an LNER stamped burner. Excellent unrestored condition. £30 1920
31 railway lamp Interesting Handlamp having two rectangular bevelled aspects front and side, both protected by twin guards and a small red aspect aperture on third side. Bracket to rear, it is complete with reservoir and burner. No visible markings. £30 2126
32 GWR railway lamp BR(W) 4 aspect Fogman's Handlamp, brass collared and clearly stamped on side BR(W). Complete with original reservoir and BR WR burner. Excellent condition throughout, possibly ex stores. £60 2087
33 railway lamp Pair of BR 3 aspect Handlamps comprising: BR(M) slatted glass style, nicely embossed BR(M) on side and complete with reservoir and BR LM stamped burner; BR (W) example nicely embossed and complete with reservoir and a BR WR burner. Both in excellent condition. £50 1920
34 railway lamp A trio of Lamps comprising: BR embossed 3 aspect Handlamp complete with reservoir and burner; a white Tail Lamp with bullseye lens, complete with reservoir and burner; a Bardic minus battery but aspects rotate freely. £65 2851
35 railway lstamp Oval rubber stamp with wooden handle 'LOCOMOTIVE DEPARTMENT ABERGAVENNY'. Together with a small copper-cased BR stamped Thermometer which appears to be in working order. £30 2050
36 railwaywatch LNER Pocket Watch by Record, engraved on rear 'LNER 3291'. Enamel dial undamaged with second hand at bottom. Label attached states that the Spring and Balance are OK and that it just requires a service, probably accurate but no guarantee. £70 2348
37 railway beer bottles Three Railway Bottles comprising: Midland Hotels Derby clear Whisky Flask; GCR green beer; L&NER green beer with stopper. All sound with no chips. £5 1314
38 railway whistles Nine Railway Whistles all connected to a single chain. Includes: GCR P.Way; L&NER; MRCo P.Way; BR(E); BR(M) (x2); All are in working condition. £110 2126
39 railway cutlery Railway Cutlery comprising: x6 LNER (script lettering) Dessert Forks by Gladwen Estates Plate; x6 LNER (script lettering) Fish Knives by Walker & Hall; x3 large Forks, LMS, LNER and GCR; an LNER (block lettering) Serving Spoon. £15 1738
40 gate notice Original Midland Railway C/I Shut & Fasten Gate, welded at both ends and face restored. Would display very well. £40 554
41 LNER enamel Poster Board Heading, double royal size showing the company initials. Some damage but good colour and shine so well worth restoring. £75 2700
42 railway gauges Pair of BR small, 4" diameter brass-cased Pressure Gauges. Both marked BR on face, one being a Brake Pipe Gauge measuring 0 - 150 lb/sq in, the other measuring 0 - 60 lbs/sq in. £10 1738
43 railway bridge plate NER C/I Bridgeplate No 52, face restored together with an LMS C/I Steptread, face resorted with company initials highlighted in red & white. £70 2764
44 private doorplate Original LNER C/I Doorplate PRIVATE. Face restored. £30 2128
45 Small oval C/I Wagonplate Rebuilt 21000 LNER -C 1923, face restored. Together with LNER 'D' type Wagonplate 21 Tons Darlington 1947; a Wagon Repairs Limited Chesterfield 'mushroom' Wagonplate; a Genry Repaired 5612 dated 10 - 1966 and a small C/I plate H48069. £25 2128
46 wagon registration plates Pair of C/I Wagon Registration Plates comprising: Midland Railway Co To Carry 15 Tons No 60064 dated 1910; LMS Standard 12 Tons No 118759 dated 1927. Both face restored and both complete with lugs. £50 2126
47 flare lamp Small Flare Lamp plated T. Hurt Staveley on one side and stamped on other side K.I Ellis Maker Beeston Hill Leeds. A lovely little item having a screw protector cap for the wick. Together with a pair of Oil Cans the larger stamped BRE on side, the other carrying the Kayes Patent 'K' logo. £30 2126
48 wagon repairs chesterfield Enamel Wagon Plate 'Rebuilt By Wagon Repairs Limited Chesterfield', oval shape 5" across. Together with brass plate 'Jo's Pritchard & Sons Boiler Makers & Ironfounders Oldham 1875' and a small brass plate FLP of unknown origin. £45 2859
49 LMS Railway Tools Small LMS Lump Hammer, inscribed both sides with company initials; an LMS Spanner; an LMS Paytin; an LMS signal Pulley holder and an LNER Spanner. £10 2764
50 lner dukinfield LNER C/I oval Wagonplate LNE Builders Dukinfield 1928. Measures 7" across, totally unrestored. £70 2050
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