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351 Railway Button 'Swansea Harbour Trust Railway Button 'Swansea Harbour Trust', 20mm manufactured by Firmin London. Excellent uncleaned condition. £45 1907
352 Railway Button 'Bute Docks Railway Button 'Bute Docks', 23mm manufactured by Firmin London. Excellent uncleaned condition. £35 2764
353 Caledonian Railway Telegraph Rules & Regulations booklet Caledonian Railway Telegraph Rules & Regulations booklet dated March 1906. Sound but somewhat grubby and some foxing/staining. Together with a London & North Eastern Railway booklet 'The Steam Locomotive - Its Failures and how to deal with them', dated December 1923, good overall condition. Also, a Caledonian Railway Pilotman Armband, ex Killiekrankie. No straps, plain text on front but rear clearly shows initials 'CAL Ry' £20 2466
354 Railway Postcards Postcards and Photographs, a small collection in a box. There are 3 official postcards: MR Chatsworth House; L&Y and L&NWR Joint Park Hotel Preston; Caledonian Railway Company's Central Station Hotel Glasgow. Then there are over 100 b/w pc size Photographs, much varied quality, very little captioned. £30 2833
355 railway sign Waterford, Dungarvan & Lismore Railway cast iron Gate Notice 'WD & LR Notice - Any Person Leaving This Gate Open Is Liable To A Penalty Of Forty Shillings'. Well rusted both front and back. Measures In view of the many copies of this type of gate notice, it is sold as a reproduction £15 1738
356 Railway Ticket Holder Chaplins Patent brass Edmondson Ticket Holder. A delightful, ornate little item spring loaded to place and hold a ticket in place. Edge engraved with 'ivy leaf' script and the reverse has a central shield with makers name above and date of 1886 No 13635 below. Comes with a Frome to Westbury Ticket inserted to show full view. £30 1925
357 Brecon & Merthyr Railway Brecon & Merthyr Railway Rule Book dated 1st Nov 1897. Has a loose insert 'New & Altered Rules' dated 1st Jan 1913. Good, sound overall condition with some age marls and cover fading. £40 1907
358 GWR Publicity GWR Publication 'Wessex White Horses and other Turf Landmarks on the Great Western Railway. Dated September 1923. Good overall condition with some marks/foxing and slight cover tear bottom left spine. Complete with rear inside cover map. A scarce publication. £8 2376
359 Blue Train Blue Train Cloth Napkins, a pair. Good quality and in extremely good condition. £  
360 postcards Post Cards, approx 60 early examples, mostly locomotives. The vast majority are Locomotive Publishing but also noted a handful of Tucks and some Richard Tilling £10 1612
361 railway photos A small Album of small size Photographs taken by Cecil Laundry around 1908/10. Although the photos are small, they are very sharp. Some are captioned. These would scan and enlarge for sure. £30 1705
362 Iraqi Army Lamp Iraqi Army 3 aspect Handlamp complete with reservoir and burner. Clearly embossed on side 'IRAQI ARMY'. Unrestored, clean condition. £20 2128
363 Inspection Lamp Single aspect Inspection Lamp with belt clip, front clear lens, rear red lens and small side lens. Complete with reservoir and burner. Painted red and black. £15 2128
364 Traction Engine Lamp Single aspect Traction Engine Lamp with single pie-crust top, complete with reservoir and burner. Appears unrestored, a nice example. £40 2126
365 Railway lamp Large single aspect Handlamp with single pie-crust top. Complete with reservoir and burner. Unmarked, original condition. £20 2128
366 war department railway lamp WD 3 aspect Handlamp complete with reservoir and burner. Brass plated on side 'J.Pratt & Co Birmingham 1945' Excellent condition. £35 2847
367 railway lamps BR Handlamps, qty 3, one being a 4 aspect with interior glasses and burner missing; two are 3 aspect complete with reservoirs and burners. All unrestored. £50 2851
368 railway signal lamps Lamp miscellany comprising a pair of BR 3 aspect Handlamps, one with cracked front lens and a couple of Signal Lamp Interiors. £20 1654
369 gwr brochure Cheddar Valley Great Western Railway publicity brochure 'The Cheddar Valley'. A 3 page fold-out item, somewhat 'limp' but a rarity nevertheless. Undated, believed to be 1930's. £20 1925
370 German Railways plastic Sign 'VORSICHT - Kein Trinkwasser' (Caution - Not Drinking Water'. Measures 11�" x 7�". As removed. £5 2713
371 southern railway service badge Southern Railway enamel 50 Years Railway Service Badge engraved on rear 'J.J. PALMER 1897 - 1947'. A lovely item. Hallmarked on rear with makers mark, anchor, lion and letter Y. Excellent condition. £50 2759
372 Box of assorted Railway Books, nothing guaranteed but some decent ones included as per photograph. £30 2466
373 southern railway shipping Southern Railway Shipping epns Serving Trays, qty x all 9" x 6" oval. One has the large flag on the side and is made by Walker & Hall, Sheffield, the other two have the smaller flag on the side and are manufactured by Elkington Plate. All in good overall condition £15 1449
374 railway poster ireland British Rail original Poster 'It's A Short Walk To Ireland - Fishguard Rosslare, Holyhead Dublin (Dun Laoghaire), Heysham Belfast, Stranraer Larne. Double Royal size, good overall condition with folds. £15 2128
375 railway poster east coast mainline British Rail original Poster 'Catch Tomorrow's Train Today - Inter City's new spacious air conditioned carriages now on principal East Coast Mainline services'. Double Royal size, good overall condition with minor folds. £10 2128
376 railway poster cambridge British Railways original Poster 'Cambridge - Cheap Day Return Tickets from many Stations'. Double Royal size, good overall condition with minor folds. £40 2376
377 railway poster london British Railways original Poster 'London - Ask for details of Cheap Tickets''. Double Royal size, good overall condition with folds. £40 2376
378 sncf railway poster French Railways original Poster 'The Atlantic Coast'. Double Royal size, good overall condition with folds. £35 2376
379 french railway poster French Railways original Poster 'The French Riviera'. Double Royal size, good overall condition with folds. £35 2376
380 paris railway poster French Railways original Poster 'Paris'. Double Royal size, good overall condition with folds. £20 2376
381 railway tickets An interesting collection of whole & half Edmondson Tickets with a few later. Mostly BR but some big 4 noted. Includes a GWR Rhymney Club. £20 173
382 railway buttons Small Railway Button Collection, qty 21 including Midland Railway, GW & LMS, London & South Western, LB&SCR. Together with an L&NWR Paycheck and an oval brass LMS Railway For Petroleum Only lamp plate that has obviously fallen off at some point. £22 1612
383 railway lamp spares Lamp Spares to include: x3 Reservoirs with reflectors one stamped BR(M) with an LMS marked Burner, one stamped BR with a BR marked Burner, one unmarked with a BR marked Burner; x2 Burners one marked BR/SR the other unmarked; x2 flat bevelled front lenses, each 10cms diameter, one having slight edge chipping; x2 clear bevelled aspect glasses; x1 unmarked Reflector with slide mechanism intact on rear. £35 2847
384 Miscellany of Publications including a couple of larger Working T/T's; Special Traffic Notice; book of station diagrams etc, 9 in total. £10 2376
385 railway wagon plate BR cast iron 'D' Type Wagon Plate 32T Shildon 1966 Lot No 3574. Restored white on black. £12 173
386 american railroad timetable brochures American Railroad Timetables from the 1940's and 1950's, qty 14 to include: The Thousand Island St Lawrence Steamboat with New York Central; Niagara Gorge RR; Union Pacific; Pennsylvania RR; Jersey Central RR; Illinois Central; Erie RR; B&O RR; Lehigh Valley; Southern Lines Pacific. Most are in very good condition. £40 1612
387 scottish railways Approx 55 Booklets/ Brochures/Timetables/Handbills etc., all BR Scottish Region. A wonderful collection, some in excellent condition, some have defects. Loch Lomond, McBraynes, The Clyde, West Highland Mallaig etc. Not all illustrated. £70 1612
388 canadian pacific 'Glimpses Along The Canadian Pacific Railway'. Two large Books. Mountain Series A and B. Loose photographs inside with index. Some photos have suffered from foxing but a couple of delightful if not scarce books. £40 2376
389 GWR Holidays GWR fold-out card Pamphlet 'Holiday Season Tickets. Undated but in extremely good condition. £10 1925
390 LMS Publicity LMS & LNER Booklets etc pertaining to Scotland. Delightful items to include: LMS T/T for Scotland 1938; LNER Summer Timetables Scottish Area 1938; Tourist Return Fares 1938; Weekly Runabout Tickets Scotland 1938; Programme Of Tours LNER & LMS 1938; LMS The Loch Tay Tour; LMS Sailings on Lochetive; LNER Attractive Day Tripos from Fort William (cover has slight writing) £30 1880
391 BR Clyde Coast and Loch Lomond Steamer Services, 1949. 1950, 1951, 1952 and 1953. Together with a further quantity 14 of Scottish brochures etc. £30 1907
392 Tramways & Canals assortment to include booklets and brochures, a few wall plaques and some photographs/cuttings. £10 2466
393 A box containing much ephemera of American Railroads and European Railways. Some Maps, brochures, booklets, timetables etc. £35 1907
394 Railway miscellany of paperwork to include East & West Yorkshire Union Railway Maps x 2; North Eastern Railway Historical Maps; The Hythe & Southampton Ferry etc. £10 1907
395 LNER Camping Holidays London & North Eastern Railway 'Camping Holidays' booklet No 17 dated 1937. A good, sound example with some cover foxing. Complete with attached map inside back cover. £15 2376
396 london transport books London Transport Booklets: Visitor's London' by Harold F. Hutchison dated 1954; 'Second Series Country Walks' 4th ed date 1954; 'How To Get There' with tube map inside rear cover; 'How The Underground Works' by PE Garbutt dated 1954. £8 2376
397 LMS Booklets, qty 5: LMS Cheap Fares 1938; Walking Tours by LMS Manchester & District, April 1934; Ireland by LMS 1930 (spine has been taped); Circular Tours by LMS 1938; LMS Guide to Scottish Holiday Resorts 1938. All reasonable to good. £15 1738
398 British Railways & Ribble Motor Services Ltd 'English Lakeland Travel Guide'; BR 'Rambles In The Wye Valley'; BR 'Rambles In The Cotswolds'; BR 'Rambles In Hertfordshire'. All good to very good. £12 1612
399 Early Post Cards, qty 10 to include: Leominster Station; Smallford Station; Southwold Express; Severn Bridge etc. All postally used except North Eastern Railway New High Level Bridge Over Tyne. Varying condition. £20 1314
400a dynamometer car Dynamometer Car Test data for Coronation Pacific 6234 DUCHESS OF ABERCORN on 12th February 1939 and similar for Princess Royal 6201 PRINCESS ELIZABETH Mon 16th November 1936. Interesting data for those interested in historic loco performance of top link locos. (The image shows both lot 400a and 400b but the lots have been separated) £210 2850
400b dynamometer car An official BR(S) folder of substantial correspondence pertaining to loco allocations and scrappings in the mid 1950's. Many are letters from Motive Power Superintendants referring to the difficulty of replacing scrapped or unserviceable engines from lowly classes to Merchat Navy class at depots such as Bath, Exmouth, Redhill, Stewarts Lane etc. Extremely interesting reading and certainly historic. (The image shows both lot 400a and 400b but the lots have been separated) £140 2850


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